Warehousing Services

Komar Distribution Services’ Warehousing solutions are extensive, comprehensive and ideal for companies of any size. Operational efficiency and experience are KDS hallmarks, as are timely performance, accuracy and outstanding communications. By continually updating and investing in improved technologies, we maintain an award-winning level of service for our clients.

Strategically located across the United States, our state of the art Warehousing
Services and facilities offer our clients numerous advantages, including:

Advanced Inventory Software System
KDS has one of the most advanced Inventory Software Systems in the industry, which gives our clients unparalleled ability to connect their customers with real-time data and highly accurate information. Our reporting and systems solutions afford our clients complete and constant access to full sales reports and history, gross margin analysis, style master management, inventory forecasting, chargeback and deduction analysis, real-time inventory visibility and control, and much more.

Equipped for RFID Technology

KDS uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to wirelessly identify and track individually tagged incoming and outgoing shipments. RFID can simplify the receiving process by allowing entire shipments to be scanned without unpacking a load to manually compare it against a Bill of Landing. We work with our clients to implement RFID carton-level receiving systems, helping them to save money by improving accuracy over the short and long-term with direct feedback to the factory.

Port City Partner
KDS partners with clients who receive shipments through America’s port cities to efficiently manage their goods. We provide international logistics support, managing the entire transaction for any shipment arriving in the U.S. from an overseas port.  The KDS Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) optimizes international logistics support, often meaning substantial savings.


KDS warehousing solutions are scalable and can grow or shrink to the meet the needs of our clients’ business.

 The minute a shipment passes through our dock doors, it is in our system. That means a client can turn stock as soon as it comes in – and that is something that is a big advantage in the current market. 

—Ron Weissbrod, Vice President of Business Development, Komar