Transportation Management

Across our entire supply chain, the KDS logistics team expertly manages product transport, whether by ocean, air or domestic freight. Understanding that in today’s ‘just-in-time’ world transport delays and inaccuracies are fatal to a business, we work to ensure our clients’ products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

When dealing with international transportation, KDS believes in overseeing the process from start to finish. With our services, you no longer have to worry about:

Forwarder Management
Is your freight forwarder meeting your expectations? Are you looking for ways to resolve your forwarder’s performance issues? We can monitor your forwarder’s level of service and help you formulate a corrective action plan.

Rate and Contract Negotiation
Let us administer and evaluate your annual domestic and international transportation Request for Proposal (RFP). We will negotiate contracts with multiple service providers to fulfill all service requirements.

Forwarder/Carrier Selection
Our consultants will guide you through selecting the right forwarders, carriers and drayage companies based on the results of your RFP.

Shipping and Routing Management
Is your forwarder / carrier / drayage company following your routing instructions? Let the experienced eye of a trained consultant monitor your shipment routing.

Shipment Expediting
Got a hot shipment? No problem. We’ll manage every aspect of your expedited shipment, from selecting the right carrier to preparing routing instructions.

Rate Auditing
Our consultants will review your international freight invoices for accuracy according to the rate schedule. Adjustments for any identified discrepancies will be requested in writing, and monitored until resolved.

Supply Chain Management System
Learn how to optimize your supply chain, reduce supply chain days, management costs, improve deliveries, fill rates and more.

Process Management
Ongoing review and evaluation of your supply chain with recommendations based on industry best practices.

Review opportunities to consolidate LCL shipments into full containers with attendant cost savings.

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