Distribution Services

Komar Distribution Services’ highly motivated and experienced team aims to create a phenomenally positive distribution experience for our clients. We manage all aspects of shipping, receiving, returns and inventory control using smart systems fully integrated with customer service, supply chain management, accounting and reporting.

KDS solutions include:

Order Fulfillment
• Bulk, Pick and Pack, Replenishment
• Carton Labeling (print & apply)
• Cross Docking

Inventory Practices
• Dynamic Stock Putaway
• Wireless Stock Control
• Cycle Counting
• Racking and Storing

Value-Added Services
• Product Labeling
• Ticketing
• Re-assortments
• Document Verification
• Re-packaging
• Over, Short and Damage Processing
• RTV Management

 If a company knows where every single piece of product is at any given time – from the moment the order is placed to when it is cut and sewn, down to whether it has been invoiced and when it is paid – they have so much more to work with and can be more agile. 

—Ron Weissbrod, Vice President of Business Development, Komar