Apparel Warehousing

Komar Distribution Services’ Apparel Warehousing offers our clients the ability to store their product quickly, easily and securely. We know that warehousing apparel requires a different type of service and attention, which our knowledge and history in the industry enables us to provide. Our facilities are strategically located, designed to handle the unique needs of warehousing apparel and the demands of the industry.

KDS Apparel Warehousing is a good solution for companies that want to:

· Store apparel with experts
· Benefit from KDS’ historic partnerships with apparel retailers across the U.S., Mexico and Canada
· Quickly move into turnkey warehouse facilities
· Grow business over time and expand services
· Leverage a large, flexible and dependable work force

KDS at a Glance

  • Manufacturer of the Year

    KDS was named Manufacturer of the Year by the American Apparel and Footwear Association and Supplier of the Year by top retailers.