Cross Dock

Komar Distribution Services’ Cross Docking allows our clients to seamlessly move their products between transport vehicles without the added cost of temporary warehousing. By modifying how our clients transport their shipments, we reduce handling, storage and transportation expenses while also improving turnaround speed. In addition to standard services, we offer labeling, sorting, repackaging and product assembly services.

KDS Cross Docking is the smart solution of companies that:

• Ship items from one or many facilities to one location
• Consolidate multiple shipments into a bulk shipment
• Deconsolidate a bulk shipment into many smaller shipments sent directly to customers
• Reduce overhead costs by eliminating in-house inventory storage

How Cross Docking works:

 komar distribution services cross-docking

 KDS Cross Docking services reduce the handling and storage of inventory and save our clients valuable resources. We help our clients reduce end-to-end deployment costs.