When selecting a logistics partner, we know you have a choice. What makes us the right one?

Process Integrity
Rooted in over 100 years of professional experience, our reliable processes consistently deliver quality results for our clients and their customers. We have an honest approach to business that our clients trust.

Client Reporting
We value communication and customer service; our clients always receive accurate, timely responses about shipment status, ETAs and fill rates.

Experienced Leaders
Clients have access to our senior managers and partners who share the practices we use to achieve our award-winning levels of operation excellence and growth, including compliance assistance, trading partner compliance, operational process improvement and sourcing strategies.

Competitive Rates
Leveraging our purchasing power to get the best prices, our rate structure and service offerings provide the highest value for our clients. Upon request, we will negotiate contracts with multiple providers to fulfill all client service requirements.

Geographic Reach and Capabilities
Our strategically located distribution warehouses position us to service any of our clients’ markets, from Boston to Beijing.

Operations Visibility
Using proprietary software, reporting, process control and other innovative technologies, we keep all parties informed of supply chain and distribution status. Clear and timely communications ensure the integrity and transparency of our workflow.

 KDS consistently sets the bar for standards of excellence. From customer service to vendor compliance, their team of skilled employees gets the highest marks. They have never missed a monthly shipping goal. 

—Stu Greenberg, Chelsea Designs, President